:: vintage monday [ week one ] ::

Happy first day of October!! I am so excited to be bringing this little weekly dose of vintage inspiration to you all! Each Monday I’ll be posting a image or needlecraft from antique or vintage source material in my collection. It’s my hope that you’ll be inspired by some detail or idea to incorporate into your own creative expression! Enjoy!!

[ week one ]

vintage monday [ week one ]

Ladies’s blouses from the early-to-mid 1920’s. I picked up a random assortment of loose catalog pages from the 1920’s several years ago, so I am not sure of the exact year. But regardless, don’t you just love the prettily stitched and trimmed blouses?! There are so many little details you could incorporate into your own, modern sewing projects... I especially adore the one on the lower left with the finely pleated frill around the collar edge. So fun!

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Marjorie said...

what yummy blouses!

And I've tried countless times to get my hair into that early 20's, smooshed curly updo.....to no avail. Alas....I'm not blessed with hair-fixing skills. ;)

Happy October!

Angie said...

I just discovered your lovely blog. It so much fun looking at old catalogs!