:: slowly I began to dig myself out... ::

workspace - the dress dummy view

workspace - mirror view

Goodness, I honestly did not think it was going to take this much effort to get my room sewing-ready! But you know how it is: just “straightening up” suddenly becomes cleaning out every nook and cranny, and then you decide to go through your closet and purge, and the reorganize everything (craft/sewing supplies, antique photographs, your purse collection that is threatening to take over your closet...).

workspace - desk

Now that's better! Speaking of sewing, now that my sewing nook is nice and tidy (for now...), I am planning on spending the evening working on the muslin mock up of the Little Red Schoolhouse Blouse. Also earmarked as a project for this week is to finally make a bodice and sleeve sloper. I drafted those ages ago, and then promptly misplaced the back bodice piece. I’m determined to make a new set and then grade them up a couple size increments for basic garment sizes. I’m keeping my fingers crossed with this process--drafting and I have been known not to play well together (I much prefer draping, and tend to use that as a starting point for all my designs). The book I’m using as a guide for the drafting process uses a half drafting/half draping approach, which will hopefully suit me much better. And did I mention the book is from the mid 1960’s so it has lots of pretty dress sketches? Mmmm...

pretending to be a circus girl...
[ after a long afternoon's work!* ]

Oh, and interested in another sneak peek of what’s to come in the Shoppe update on Wednesday? How ‘bout some Curious Acorns?

sneak peek!

And there is much more in progress... lots of ideas are floating about in my head right now!! Hope everyone is having a lovely Monday!!

cheers & creativity,
    ♥ casey [ email me ]

p.s. You’ve probably heard from the zillion other blogs that have written about it, but one of my favorite blogs, Poppytalk has opened up Poppytalk Handmade featuring various artists. There are some amazing goods for sale over there--just in time for holiday shopping season! Some personal favorites: lush bella, charm foundry, and donovan beeson.

*I just realized that my pose/outfit look startlingly similar to Miss Emily's cute oufits! Eeek! Quite inadvertent, I assure you! lol.


marmielu said...

That room looks quite beautiful! So much room to create in. And....those acorns are so cute!

sarahblank said...

oh, your room and blog and everything is so wonderful! I love the blue.

Marjorie said...

Eeep! We have the same dress form.....mine is called 'Betty' (after my aunt).

I love your outfit....and those acorns are SO sweet! :)

It's all loveliness!!

Happy Tuesday!

Mae Jane said...

i adore that little area with the fantastic mirror and desk!! i'm in love with the simple aesthetics of your room :) And I quite love that dress too, cuteness everywhere!

casey said...

Oh thank you all for the room and acorn love!! :)

Marjorie: I have yet to name my dress form, actually! My sister and I have been pondering for years (I bought this when I was 18!) what to name it. I'm saving "Rita" (as in Rita Hayworth) for the someday professional dress form I want... :)

Mae Jane: thank you for your sweet comment!!! :)

sulu-design said...

Wow. I mean, really. Wow. I take a little blog break for a few days and return to see this amazing space that you've created. You must be loving working in there!