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Obviously this is not the rummage sale treasures post that I promised! My Sunday has been quite full; L. was up for the weekend and we spent a lot of time together because I won’t be seeing him for the next two weekends. So the next two Sundays I dare say I’ll be posting entries with a little more “umph”...

So as not to make this a totally useless entry (eeek!), here are some pictures of my finished Gretel beret!

all the pretty cables

I know; this is not the Azeala pink yarn I posted a picture of earlier. As much as I love that yarn (it is really pretty), it just wasn’t thick enough. The hat I envisioned would be dense and warm (especially because I get so cold come winter!), and with the pink yarn it was turning out a bit more open. I set that aside and bought a red, worsted weight instead. Its the same yarn I used for my sister’s mitts I knit last winter, and worked perfectly for this project!

pleased as punch!

Ysolda’s pattern was a lot of fun to work with; very clearly written and included a lot of helpful notes! What surprised me was how quickly the beret came together, despite all the cables and the fact that I still am very much a “knitting infant”. I daresay I shall be buying another pattern from her very soon; the Briar Rose bolero has been calling my name for months!

looking cool

The only thing I didn’t realize is how big the beret would be. I wanted slouchy, but after finishing the piece I wasn’t sure I wanted something this full! However, after trying it on I’m absolutely in love with the size and shape--I really can’t wait for the weather to get cool enough!!

Have a lovely evening and I shall be posting the Vintage Monday inspiration tomorrow morning!

Cheers & Creativity,
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p.s. Alright... it only took me the time of writing this post to break down and just buy the Briar Rose pattern! lol. I think I know what my next knitting project is...

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