:: vintage monday [ week four ] ::

Goodmorning! I had a hard time choosing this morning which image I wanted to showcase: another 1840’s print? Perhaps the 1870’s fashion illustration would be perfect? I ended up choosing this charming 1860’s print; its one of my favorites and I hope you’ll enjoy studying it too!

vintage monday [ week four ]

I find something very lovely about the late 1860’s fashions; a little less harsh than the era of the bell-shaped hoop; the elliptical skirt shape hinted at the bustle era to come. The styles of this time period also start to get a little more “fussy”, but aren’t overly so in my opinion. Some little details I love in this print (circa 1867): the long ribbon-tails hanging down the back on the far left gown. The pointed peplum on the yellow outfit (trimmed with jaunty tassels no less!). The diamond trim on the far right gown; presumably beaded...

Enjoy and I shall return with lots of goodies later!

Cheers & Creativity,
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