:: inspiration [ week ten ] ::

1936/37 fashion catalog
[ from a 1930s clothing catalog I found at a thrift store of all places! ]

Its Friday again (already!), which means its time for my weekly post of inspiration I’ve stumbled on during the preceding week. Have fun pursuing these and I’ll be back this afternoon with a lengthier post!

♥ inspiration [ week ten ] ♥
♥ the beautiful portfolio of maria grossman [ via ]
♥ burda style’s “alice” themed design contest!
♥ gillian’s beautiful blog
♥ manon gignoux’s deconstructed art [ via ]
♥ sweet and unusual cupcake recipes
♥ suburban queen’s excessively thoughtful fashion blog
♥ johanna’s amazing blog devoted to 18th century fashion and culture [ be sure to see her flickr set of costumes she’s made! ]

What has been inspiring you this week?

cheers & creativity,
    ♥ casey [ email me ]


suburbanqueen said...

Ooh, I got namedropped :D! Thanks, I was feeling a bit sad because I haven't had the time to write anything very "deep" the last few times! But it might be just as good, sometimes :).

I am also inspired by you and all the other crafty people! When it gets easier with the projects I've been struggling with, I really want to do some refashioning again! I have so many projects waiting. Also, I am very inspired by all the people at flickr who are doing an effort to thrift as many of their clothes as possible!

j said...

thanks for the links.

I'll do more exploring on your sites. my daughter and I were mightily impressed with your sewing and designing.

hope you are feeling better

Marjorie said...

oh!! That 18th century blog is amazing!! I'll have to devote more time next week to pouring over it! And thanks for the link to Burda....I've not thought about those patterns for ages, and I saw a few that were really quite lovely!! :)

It's a busy, busy bumble over here as of late!! Eeep!

Have a lovely weekend!

gilfling said...

Casey thank you so much for linking to my blog!!! I am now officially addicted to yours. Hope you are having a wonderful weekend.