:: crash! bang! boom! yay! its friday! ::

the sloper saga - IV

I’m so glad its Friday, which is weird because I have neither school nor a job right now to make me glad the weekend is here! lol. I suppose it just has to do with the general optimism of the “personal” projects I hope to work on this weekend.

Today I was feeling in a bit of a “baking” mood, so I made these. They need a little work in the future (I think between my white sugar substitute and perhaps over beating the egg whites, the texture isn't the same as other meringues), but I added some of dark chocolate from my birthday stash which totally made them! A little chewy, but still yummy, which is all that matters, right? Not bad for a gal who hasn’t cooked in let’s see... months?! lol.

So you don’t think I just goofed off in the kitchen today, I spent some time this afternoon tracing off my final bodice sloper onto heavy card. It makes me so excited that I’ve finally got these! Tomorrow, being my self-declared “day off” from business work and blogging (notice the past few weeks there are never posts on Saturdays? Sneaky, sneaky...), I plan on drafting the sleeve and possibly the skirt (which is usually the easiest to draft; I’ve made loads of basic, a-line skirt slopers! I just need one to specifically match the side of this bodice). I’m so excited because now its as if the world of clothing possibilities has really opened up to me! *dances around*

Just so this post isn’t too boring, or lacking pictures (which I apologize for the appalling quality; I took them after the sun went down and my camera doesn’t do well with that!), here is a little something I’m working on:

a (crazy) new project!!

Hmm... I wonder what it could be! You’ll have to wait until Sunday to find out what new craziness I’ve got up my sleeve! lol! Have a lovely Saturday, everyone!

cheers & creativity,
    ♥ casey [ email me ]

p.s. I discovered a very interesting blog this morning: Ullabenulla. I haven't had a chance to look through a lot, but the images and links she posts are just gorgeous and inspirational!!


marjorie said...

Have fun sloping!!! Happy Weekend!!

Marjorie said...

Oh!! My package just arrived in the Post today....I adore your beautiful acorn pin....it's so perfect for fall! It was so lovingly packaged....and I love your pretty cards!

And Thank You from the bottom of my heart for the lovely book you included! Your surprise gift really made my day! Thank You SO much....your so kind and thoughtful! :)

gilfling said...

Oh gosh I just adore Ulla's blog - so many incredible images and she is just a wonderful lady too. Can't wait to see what you do with your patterns!! I am seriously needing to make blocks to fit my size too so that I can get onto making my own clothes - a task I have seriously been putting off for far too long!

casey said...

Marjorie: You are *very* welcome!! :)

Gillian: I am just itching to try something with my sloper blocks right now... but making myself finish the sleeve and skirt slopers first. ;) lol. I can be so impatient!! haha!