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♥ inspiration [ week seven ] ♥
♥ the storque
♥ dig out those plastic horses from your childhood
♥ rediscovering the artwork of julianna swaney (be sure to look at her embroideries!)
♥ the good ol’ trick of sewing even corners
♥ a new, yummy exhibit at the v&a!
♥ the quirky work of refashion-extrodinaire lori marsha sandstedt
♥ marjorie’s* amazingly, inspirational blog (*better known as marmee craft!)
♥ auction of tasha tudor’s costume collection

cheers & creativity,
    ♥ casey [ email me ]

p.s. Guess who my sister and I are going to see in November?! My favorite band: The Decemberists! That is, if I’m feeling well enough, so here’s hoping... I’m so excited; they’re usually is what's playing on my iTunes continually... lol.


sew nancy said...

I just found you through RedHeaded Snipit.
I look forward to that braclet tutorial- most curious about where you find the bracelets. I also loved the blouse and dress you made in the sewing section. So cute that you changed comments to dreams- how did you do that?


Anna Allen said...

I'm loving the V&A exhibit. It's funny, I was doing a google search for fabric the other day and that came up. Did you see the free pattern they have up as well? If not, you have tho check this out! :) Hope you get to feeling better soon. Casey!


Anna Allen said...

Okay, well that link doesn't seem to be working. Try this: http://tinyurl.com/2aatnk

casey said...

Thanks Anna for the link! Yep, I did spy the free pattern, and boy, is it tempting me right now!! rofl. Shall have to keep that one in the back of my head for a future project...

tongue in cheek said...

wonderful post, your blog makes my heart do a happy dance!