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tintypes and lanvin

I have long been a collector of bits and pieces, odds and ends (I’m a packrat, but in denial about my hoarding tendencies!). The problem is what to do with all these little scraps as they collect up in corners and odd containers. Luckily, I also love making “mood boards” when I’m feeling like I’m hitting an artistic brick wall, and these scraps lend themselves excessively well to my inspiration board.

papers, papers, everywhere!

This week has been one of those weeks when I feel at a loss for ideas. Going through my old sketches, files and papers just wasn’t jogging any "eureka!" moments. And I desperately want to use this recovery time to a useful purpose (especially in regards to the Elegant Musings Shoppe), so after making a list of goals, ideas and the theme of my business, I decided to make a mood board to try and capture where I want to go. I pulled out all my little boxes and bags of papers, the small stack of Vintage Fashion and Victoria* magazines, and my old photograph collection. I started playing around with antique fashion illustrations, pieces I’ve cut out from magazines, and old lace.

initial mood board

This was my first board, which although I found quite lovely visually, I didn’t want to hang up and have my lovely, 19th century prints fade!

mood board - catching the feeling

Version two was similar, but used a lot more cut-outs from modern sources (so I didn’t risk ruining a perfectly good antique). I like how it turned out, and the ideas are now ever so slowly returning.

old fashioned things

If nothing else, mood boards are a great way to get my mind focused on all the seemingly disparate ideas that are floating about! There are some really neat mood board resources, if you’re interested in doing one yourself (or just looking at pretty collections!):

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*Have you heard Victoria Magazine is relaunching in November?! I’m so excited, and yet I’m hesitant to see what its like. I sure hope its not like Victoria right before it went out of publication...

cheers & creativity,
    ♥ casey [ email me ]

p.s. I have some really beautiful vintage clothing to show you tomorrow! I experimented over the weekend with cleaning an old petticoat and 1960s lace dress, with much success! Details and pictures will be forthcoming.

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Anonymous said...

I feel the same way about Victoria ... I'm really excited that it's coming back hope that it resembles the magazine when Nancy Lindemeyer was editor. I'll be sooo disappointed if it's like it was in its last few years. ~ Lynda ♥

(ps ~ hope you feel better soon!)