:: a whale of a tale ::

well, for all my going on about how I hadn’t bought anything at work yet, today was the day I finally broke that record! after I got off this afternoon I bought a couple of things including fiber fill for my most recent foray into stuffie making. meet chesterfield:

a whale of a tale [ chapter 5 ]

he’s the newest addition to my stuffies. at the risk of sounding like the biggest ego-maniac (eeek!!), I think he turned out really cute! but perhaps that is just proud-maker-affection... anyways, I promised to make my sister one, and want to make one for my friend S. at work (she makes stuffie whales too; perhaps we’ll have a whale swap?), but I think after that I shall make a couple for the shoppe. I have a bunch of vintage wool lengths that I want to felt a bit, so perhaps those will be the perfect materials to use.

a whale of a tale [ chapter 3 ]

I really love making stuffies; they’re something quick and easy I can draft and whip up. I think this fascination stems from my love of children’s book illustrations and Tasha Tudor (who is well documented for her love of making small critters). but then again, maybe I’m just a bit odd to still love stuffed animals at my age. after all, when the boy heard about what I was making, he thought it was a bit odd... cute, but odd. lol.

a whale of a tale [ the end ]

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leslie said...

he. is. FABULOUS! i love him to bits. how did you get the tail to go all cute like that???

cristina said...

i love the whale!! and it's weird because in the first two photos it looks GIANT...but in reality...it's so tiny + perfect.