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a whale of  tale [ chapter 1 ]

I love my job at a fabric store. and I’m not being sarcastic!

no, this post isn’t to gloat over all the fabric I get at a discount or squirrel away from unsuspecting shoppers. actually, come to think of it: I haven’t spent any money at my new job yet!! *giggle* I’ve been practicing a lot of restraint since the boy and I are going to visit his cousin in California next month and I have to save up and pay for my plane ticket... but I won’t say it hasn’t been tempting!!

the biggest advantage of working in a fabric store is the creative environment. just being around customers and staff who are really passionate about being creative! of course, not everyone is... in fact the large majority aren’t; but even just having one customer a day who is really excited about a project and wants to bounce ideas around is worth it! because goodness knows there is nothing more that I love than brainstorming. its just way too much fun. and the fact that I can talk to people who “get it”--the need to be creative and express yourself through various mediums is just amazing. like yesterday my coworker S. and I were talking about sewing and all the projects customers had been telling us about lately. S. turned to me and said she found it really frustrating to work behind the cutting counter that day because she wanted to sew so badly that she was twitching! I mean, how cute is that?

a whale of a tale [ chapter 2 ]

so, today I worked my tush off at work and am now home sipping on my well-earned cup of tea, contemplating plans for my evening. I think it calls for some serious creative time, because all the ideas that are racing around in my head are making me twitch.

cheers & creativity,

p.s. the shoppe is almost ready for it’s debut! and boy, am I excited ‘cause I’ve been working almost every free moment I’ve got on getting everything ready. keep abreast of the latest and greatest (and get updates on subscriber-only specials) via the mailing list. the store opening has been moved up a day (only because I ended up having to work Tuesday) to 08.09.2007. be prepared for the onslaught of vintage goodness!!

p.p.s. thank you for your comments about the polar bear stuffie!! he is making himself quite at home in my room and is being more than helpful with preparing a tutorial on how to make your own polar bear!

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kate said...

Looking forward to your shop opening! I'm impressed with your willpower not to buy!!

jennifer :: make london said...

what fun! congratulations!