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vintage paper goodies

today has been one of those unusually productive days in which I managed to get a million-and-one-things done, to the amazement of my to-do list! from the mundane (“pay bills”) to fun (“go thrifting”); just about everything is crossed off. this reminds me of the satisfied feeling I always get during the school semester when I get everything on my homework list done.

vintage fabrics

thrifting, sad to say, was only so-so in the clothing department. however, I did score a significant amount of fabric (see above, which is only about half of what I hauled away today) for crafting, stuffies and *coughcough*quilting*cough* (on my wish list of things to learn, after the boy’s mom offered to teach me how and loan me some of her equipment). so yay! I also purchased a few vintage patterns, most of which are to sell but a few I’m keeping for myself. I’m in love with that Halston pattern right now; the cape is just so yummy. not that I need to make a cape, because I’ve got a perfectly good vintage Yves Saint Laurent one sitting in my collection!

pattern shoot

also, more preparations for the shoppe!! I’m getting so excited about the launch next week; and I’m sure I’m in no way prepared enough, but I can only be so ready before it becomes insane to wait any longer (I think I reached that point about six months ago! lol!). oh, and for those interested: I set up a email update list for the curiosity shoppe. be sure to sign up if you’d like to receive shoppe update notification and the occasional subscriber-only special!

last, but not least, my little polar bear was finished today:
little polar bear walking away guarding my thread

(isn’t he cute?!)

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molly said...

i love your polar bear!! so adorable....

Anonymous said...

Your polar bear is adorable, Casey! I saw him over on flickr and stopped by to see what else you've been up to. ♥