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the dog-days of summer are here; you can just feel the heat when you look outside of the comfy, air-conditioned house. I love summertime, I just hate the humidity that pervades virginia (even going to the boy’s apartment by the beach doesn’t offer any relief from the oppressive humidity!). not to mention the innumerable bugs who have thought that making me dinner would be nice (ick!). but otherwise, I love summer: the sunshine, the warmth (no worries about me getting cold as I usually do!), the days that just scream for long car drives, ice cream, festivals and day trips. its hard to believe that the fall semester starts in just a few short weeks...

anyway, I’ve been playing catch-up big time with my blog feeds; somehow when I was gone for an extended weekend with the boy a couple weeks back, I managed to have a ton of blogs pile up on my feeder and I hadn’t been able to fully catch back up until now. lots to read. even more to be inspired by. and finding out that my lovely, inspiring friend Anna has moved from live journal to her new “blog digs”. she has such a lovely aesthetic sense; go check her new home out!

much busyness is going on in these parts; my etsy shop is set to launch next tuesday. also in the pipeline: working on some stuffed critters and developing patterns for free download in conjunction with those. I really have been wracking my brain on how to give back to the creative blog community that has so inspired me in the past year, and sharing my ideas and patterns is the best way I’ve come up with. so keep your eyes peeled for these little critters making their debut.

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Anna Allen said...

Aw, thanks for mentioning my blog, Casey! You're so sweet. :)