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downtown manhattan - july 2007

I am back from the great metropolis (a.k.a. new york city)! it turned out to be quite a mixed trip for me, solidifying some things that had been brewing for some time in my head (which is a good thing; decisiveness is always a virtue!). we spent two days at the metropolitan museum of art, wandering around taking in the beautiful artifacts and paintings. if you’ve never been there, you really should go because it is that wonderful! that coming from a girl who has had countless museums and galleries available to her all her life! I love that I can take in everything from ancient greece to medieval europe to modern paintings in one place. it satisfies the deep craving to see and experience history!

the Paul Poiret exhibit was the highlight of my days at the m.e.t.; I took it in twice! such loveliness and inspiration cannot be put into words; being able to see some of the iconic garments he created was just amazing. I came away with quite a bit of insight into how simply made many of his designs are, and yet they drape around the human form so beautifully! I have a new appreciation for simple shapes that utilize color and drape to the maximum theatrical effect! sadly, no photographs--not even non-flash--were allowed in the exhibit, and I was not able due to time constraints to sketch everything I wanted to see (so I ended with just a few pages in my sketchbook of design ideas and schematics). I’d definately recommend the exhibit book though; it has photographs of every garment in the exhibit, including angles that you couldn’t see standing in front of a display. Saving my pennies up for that one... lol.
outside the m.e.t. - july 2007

on a more sobering note, we did make it to ground zero at the wtc site. I don’t know how to articulate what I felt standing there, realizing how huge the towers must have been and how trapped people must have felt as they fled that morning. its hard to believe its been nearly six years already...

and now, enough chatter: enjoy the pictures (which by far I didn’t take enough--but oh well!!):

midtown - july 2007

walking across - july 2007

the gap

behind the curtain

must be off: work this afternoon and then le beau is back home for the weekend!!!

p.s. if you have a moment, mind popping over to the jpg magazine site and voting for a photo I submitted (only if you think its worthy, that is!)? thanks a zillion!

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sulu-design said...

I loved seeing your photos on NYC - nice to think of the city I just left, nicer to know that I left it. What can I say? It was time to go. I like thinking of it now as a wonderful place to visit now - your photos reminded me of how nice it will be to be a tourist there! I hope you enjoyed your stay and are happy to be home.