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a whale of a tale [ epilogue ]

hopefully you are tucked away in some nice, cool spot right now while reading this... it got up to 100° today (highly unusual for washington, dc--even in august!!), so the air conditioning has been a must!

thank you for all the whale-stuffie love!! I was just blown away by all the sweet responses he got... you all are too, too kind!! :) as you can see, I’m busy making a couple other whales, two of which will probably go to the shoppe eventually!

speaking of the shoppe... the launch is tomorrow!! I’m getting lots of butterflies in my stomach over this; its so exciting for me to finally be taking that step I’ve thought about for so long. in a lot of ways its quite intimidating, but I’m glad to finally be doing it. now I’m just busy finishing up a few photographs and listings (my document editor program has been my constant friend this past week!), and gathering up little goodies to include in packages (the really fun part of being an online seller, imho!). so far I’ve bought an assortment of little sugary goodies to include with orders, designed thank-you cards, and am thinking seriously of ordering custom buttons to include in later orders. fun, fun, fun!!

preparations continue...

I was thinking a bit more about my previous post where I mentioned one of my chief stuffie-making influences is Tasha Tudor, and all the other things that have played a part into my aesthetic and creative development through the years. so many things: alice in wonderland, laura ashley decorating books from the 1980s, antique clothes, the wizard of oz series, beatrix potter illustrations, summer afternoons building forts, learning to draft my own patterns when I was very young, monthly trips to the craft store on saturday morning with my dad, the decemberists (and a great deal of the music I listen to!!), the color fairy series... many, many things! I just didn’t realize until recently how much of my childhood experience and what I was exposed to (or not) allowed me to blossom in the areas that I am most inclined towards naturally. so, I’m curious: what are some things that have influenced your aesthetic development? tell me!

cheers & creativity,
    ♥ casey

p.s. its not too late to sign up for the shoppe update list!! if you sign up be 10pm (eastern time) this evening, you’ll be in time to get the first email with a super-secret offer for subscribers only! so hurry, and sign up!

♥ cutest clock ever!
♥ a colorful + fun pincushion

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Sam said...

hmm... influences.
everything my mom made, including lots of my clothes, fabric my grandmas have given me, alice and everything else disney, disneyland!!, vintage teacups, summer, bright colored candies (ie starbursts) and clever packaging, edward scissorhands, foster's home for imaginary friends (the art/color in that show is great), all of my stuffed animals, my trip to spain, excessive amount of coloring i did when i was a kid....

yeah. lots of things. :)