:: walk away from the computer... ::


I admit it, I sat there for about fifteen minutes after I uploaded everything to the shoppe and just stared. watched the view numbers go up, marvelling at the power of the internet--people (complete strangers!!) were looking at my stuff. that thought is a bit intimidating and overwhelming all at once! so, rather than while away my night hitting the refresh button again and again (obsessive? yes! lol)--I had lots of other things to do--I tore myself away.

I spent my time packing a bunch of half-finished whale bodies and little pieces that need to be turned and attached. I’m taking them all with me when I go down to the boy’s this weekend, though I highly doubt I’ll get any work done because we’re spending the majority of our time open-water scuba diving. gosh, I’m nervous; diving in a pool is one thing, being out in the open water is quite another. I’m not nervous about any critters that we may encounter (after all, virginia beach has been known to have its fair share of bull sharks...), but rather that I’ll goof and do something stupid. ah well. hopefully not, right?

anyway, I won’t be blogging until I get back (probably Tuesday), but I will be replying to comments, emails and checking up on etsy while I’m down there! have a lovely weekend, all!!

cheers & creativity,
    ♥ casey

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jo said...

oh wow, i am so impressed by your shoppe, it´s amazing. i love the whole concept and it´s lovely written. congratulations!!! my eye is on the vintage paper packet!