:: sixty feet under ::


wow. this weekend was utterly amazing--even despite the fact that I am exhausted! diving is so much more fun in open water than in a pool (where we trained)--I really had no idea how much fun it was going to be! we had planned on diving saturday and sunday, but the saturday dive was cancelled due to rough seas, so I still don’t have my dive certification (I need two more dives to get that). but despite that little hiccup, sunday was a blast! we went to a dive site that was about ten miles offshore and is situated over a tugboat wreck. I was really, really nervous about this dive because I didn’t want to do anything foolish sixty feet under and have to make an emergency ascent (which carry a huge level of risk because you can get decompression sickness if you surface too quickly). thankfully though, I did fine and had a blast doing it!

it was interesting being in the water--the sensation of descending and still being able to breath comfortably and take some time to look into the murky shadows as we followed the anchor line down. I think the most jolting event was when we hit the thermocline; where the water suddenly went from very warm to cool as we started to hit some serious depth. I was so busy concentrating on my breathing (we call it “yoga breathing” which is a method to regulate how much air you take in) that when we hit the wreck, I didn’t even notice it coming--it suddenly loomed out up out of the murk and was there! we went down twice, and got to see all kinds of cool marine life; swam among a school of fish, saw lots of starfish, peered into portholes and I kept a (hopeful!) eye out for sharks (which I was told aren’t as common off of virginia beach; we have to go a bit further south to see those in open water). by the time we weighed anchor and headed back for shore, I was very tired and fell asleep for most of the trip back on the top deck. lol. of course, this resulted in getting sunburned; my nose is a very distinct shade of red!!

thank you all for your kind support throughout the first week of my shop’s opening! I was really quite blown away with the number of sales I had in this period--so thank you all tons. I’ve got more goodies going online tomorrow (approximately 7pm eastern time)--including some more vintage clothes! so keep your eyes open for clothes, vintage needlecraft books, patterns and jewelry. lots and lots of fun stuff!

cheers & creativity,
    ♥ casey

p.s. I realize this photo has nothing to do with diving at all! however, it was the only one I took over the weekend (besides furniture pictures--we're shopping for stuff for his apartment)!

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