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Sometimes it amazes me how quickly time flies by now. My mother used to tell me when I was growing up that I should enjoy the feeling of long hours and not having any obligations, because that would change as an adult. Now at twenty-two, I’m very much the busy gal who can’t find enough hours in the day!! I finally broke down a few weeks ago and purchased a utilitarian planner to try and keep track of all my schedules (school, work, weekends the boy has off...), my to-do lists and random things that pop into my head. Except I can’t help but feel that this planner is just too... boring! Functionally, it works; aesthetically it doesn’t. I suppose that is the ultimate sign of a picky/artsy personality when they start critiquing how the most mundane items in life are too visually boring (heck, I even am picky about how boring toilet tissue holders are! lol).

So, in a fit of creative problem-solving (or madness? I’m starting to wonder if the two don’t go hand-in-hand), I came up with the idea of either covering a binder or a couple pieces of sturdy board and making a “cover” for the boring planner! I was thinking of decoupaging items/images onto the covers that say something about me and my interests. Problem is, I’m not sure what decoupage glue/adhesive to use and how to seal the covers so that they don’t melt! Anyone have any handy-dandy tips or pointers? I’m a bit lost here! lol.

Oh, and btw: the shop has been updated!! (As of 7pm Eastern time.) I’ve still got some more things to put online, but I’ll probably wait to add those on Monday. A nice bunch of patterns and few pieces of vintage. I’m working on narrowing some of my vintage clothing into specific “fall-appropriate collections” to upload in batches. To make it a bit more cohesive and, well, boutique-y. lol.

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Sam said...

i always use mod podge for all my decoupagey things.. depending on the brittleness of your papers, if they're old, you might want to test it first. you can also just mix glue with water.

after all that dries, a spray sealant/varnish should work.

casey said...

Thanks for the input!! I think I'll probably just use Modge Podge 'cause thats what I've got lying around. lol. I'm thinking of using some of my vintage, 1950s papers and such... should be fun!! :D