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compulsive-thrifter confession #1,574,002: finding an “old” or “pretty” book amidst all the crummy romance novels at the thrift store means you must buy it. don’t mind that you’ve never heard of the author or aren’t interested in the genre. you buy it ‘cause its over 60 years old, has patina and for gosh sakes is only $1!!

Yep, that's me to a T. Needless to say, I’ve got books, papers, magazines coming out my ears right now. Definitely contemplating selling some of my more usable books eventually this summer (I’m busy getting an Etsy account for that!). But, considering that a handful (err... large handful) of those books are falling apart, having been purchased for the purpose of using in my crafty moments, I need to do something with them. Besides let them languish in the corners of my room, collecting dust and elegantly continuing to disintegrate, that is.

trying to organize things...

So, aside from launching my Etsy shop this summer (more about that as the launch date approaches and I finalize plans...), I shall also be offering packages of miscellaneous vintage papers. These will range from dictionary pages, to 19th century magazine pages, to travel books tear-outs... and whatever else I happen to find and acquire in the mean time. I’m mean, doesn’t it sound better to share the vintage paper love than keep it all for my greedy self??

neatly stacked and ready to go!

Paper Packet Giveaway
For the devoted readers of my blogs, I’d like to offer the chance to win one of these paper packets! The packet contains:
+ 5 of each: 1920s music pages, 19th century Harper’s Monthly Magazine pages, dictionary pages, vintage chemistry book pages, 1840s magazine pages
+ an 1840s black and white print (subject matter varies)
+ color fine art print from a vintage book (artist varies)
+ 5 1950s/60s magazine pages (some color, some black and white)

Just drop me an email (just be sure to replace "at" with @ !!) with your name and email address before Friday at 1am, and I’ll draw a name of the winner Friday afternoon!

saving these for myself!

(Oh, and in case you’re wondering--which I’m sure you’re not--I made that little “confession” at the top up! But wouldn’t it be cool to have a whole webpage--or book!--devoted to thrifter confessions? The things we could come up with--!!)

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sulu-design said...

I love the thrifter confession idea! I bet the things that we do in the name of a great vintage bargain could fill a blog...

Amy said...

hi, I"m just visiting from Petit Pois saying hi and what lovely give aways :-)

MC said...

I agree, I think the a thrift store would be a great idea. It could encompass great finds, confessions, odd finds etc.

I'd read it.