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Ah, summer is here. No, not in the official sense, but rather my summer has begun! This is the first week of my scholastic summer break--no more school, homework, chilling with the buds in the student lounge, relationship politics--until August. I’m utterly relaxed and happy right now, ready to spend my summer working, spending time with friends and family and some much-needed creative time. To be perfectly honest, this past semester really stank; mostly because I managed to get waaay off track after three semesters of over-achiever status, I slipped. But thankfully, I seemed to have bucked up enough the last month to rescue what I could of my grades. Learn. Move on. Don’t repeat.

So, I’m now very ready for a relaxing summer. Just being me!! Lots of thrifting is in store too--I can just feel it in my fingertips! lol. I went to a Goodwill I’ve never been to the last week, hoping for some great finds. Alas, just about everything I’m usually on the hunt for was pretty unexciting (most “chain” thrift stores around here are that way--I wonder why??), but look what I found after going through the records:

rocking it old school

Yay! I’ve started collecting records; my mom bought a turn table last fall and my sister and I have been steadily acquiring a few records here and there. I remember listening to my parents collection as a kid and there is something so fun and nostalgic for me about this “old school” form of the music experience. I’m keeping my eyes peeled for a turn table of my own in thrift stores and yard sales this summer... I need something in my room so I can listen to my Frank Sinatra (no one else likes him except me... lol)!!

Oh, and I’m trying to get back into the habit of documenting my outfits again. I’ve been buying so many pieces of vintage and altering some new purchases that I want to show them off. I’m usually too lazy (or having an “ugly day”) to photograph them, but today I dragged my sister to the backyard to take a few snapshots. Click on the photos for details...

outfit 05.14.07 | tres

outfit 05.14.07 | dos

outfit 05.14.07 | uno

Have a lovely day, all! :)

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Chara Michele said...

What a cute outfit!

I like Frank Sinatra too, but my husband doesn't share that taste of music with me (most other music we do share the same taste in). Luckily, my mother in law does and I can listen to it when he isn't home! :)

Rachelle said...

Those pictures are so cute! You and your outfit are adorable!