:: a show-off post ::

outfit 05.17.07 | deux

There is only really one reason for this post, and that is to show off my favorite “new” summer frock. Which just happens to be vintage! I purchased it a few weeks back from the loveliest vintage dealer who recently opened up shop. I happened to stop in her new digs the day she opened, and we chatted for about an hour while I looked around her store. She has the most amazing array of vintage garments and accessories. Its really one of those very dangerous places I have to limit myself to visiting only after I’ve been paid. lol. Every time I’ve been in there I’ve bought at least one thing! I’m hoping that next time I see her (we’ve struck up quite a friendship!) she’ll let me take some photos of her store and do a write up about her store for this blog. Stepping into her store is like walking into a Technicolor vintage wonderland and I think you would all enjoy seeing that. ;)

outfit 05.17.07 | un

Oh, and excuse the bruises all over my legs. I have a bad habit of banging high chairs into my shins while I’m at work and setting up tables. Ugh. It’s because I’m short and the high chairs are big and I’m usually rushing. lol.

Finally, don’t forget to enter the vintage paper packet giveaway! Deadline for entries is Friday at 1am, so hurry!.


Jessica said...

It is nice to see you back and it is nice to see your blog looking so simple and lovely. We haven't chatted in forever and I was wondering if you are still contributing to shiny Squirrel. Please tell me so I can pencil you in. chat soon!

VDOprincess said...

and totally worth showing off, I must say! That is LOVELY...and I'm jealous of your vintage store. (Although it may be a good thing that I don't have one near me.)