procrastination is my middle name

1920s fashion - 01 1920s fashion - 02

I really should be working on my speech that I'm giving in my communications class in a matter of days. But I'm not. Mostly because I'm exhausted from several late nights in a row (drat the diverting book I'm reading at night!). :p I've had to whittle the stupid thing down so much anyway; its downright discouraging!

1920s fashion - 03 1920s fashion - 04

I took photos of a few pages from those 1920s Needlecraft magazines I bought last month. I really need to scan them at some point, but I don't have access to the computer with the scanner right now, so photographs will have to suffice. :) I'm in a total vintage mood at the moment though... In fact, my vintage-esque outfit today that I wore to church got the ultimate compliment from one of the ladies: she said I had that Vargas Girl look about me today. ;) Yes, I am pleased as punch, 'cause I've been modeling my hair and makeup off of old pin-ups for ages! And now that my perm is pretty much dead (it was over six months ago I got it done), I'm cooking up wicked and evil plans for doing retro do's more often with my hair. I wore it down for most of the six months, since it showed the perm to the best advantage, but now I'm ready for some more complicated updo's and such! *grin*

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