friday's excitement

a bit of frivolity

Yesterday morning I awoke to another gloriously sunny Friday. Drat the weather--its always so temptingly nice on Fridays when I have no classes! It doesn't help that Thursday is my hectic day, so I feel more inclined to let myself off the hook the following day. ;) Needless to say, wanderlust set in, and I was off by 10am, out to pursue bargains. My intuition was telling me that I should check out my favorite thrift store, which proved a good hunch because they were having a 50% off storewide sale! Everything was on sale: jewelry, shoes, clothes, patterns. I did practice restraint though and tried to be discerning in my purchases. I finally found a long-sought after pair of vintage boots for $5 though! I don't think they're real leather and the color is lighter than I'd like, but they're in good condition and zip over my legs. :) I also found another pair of cute 1980s vintage shoes, a few pieces of costume jewelry to add to my growing stash, two vintage patterns and a few other little trifles.
vintage shoes 02 vintage shoes 01

It was a good thing this put me in such a good mood because yesterday evening I managed to get my car keys, wallet and cell phone locked in my car when I went to see a production of Cyrano de Bergerac. What made the whole situation worse was that my parents were at a party over an hour away and I couldn't reach them. Thankfully, my kind and generous friend H. had an "in" with the doorman and was able to get my sister and I into the play (even though the tickets were in my wallet, locked in the car), loan me her cell phone and stay around until my mother finally came with the spare many hours later. :) This is the first time I've locked my keys in the car, so I did panic a bit (especially since my cell phone was in there too!!), but overall it ended well, albiet late (I got home at close to midnight).
vintage patterns (again)

click any image to enlarge. I've also uploaded a few pictures of a recent trip to an old cemetary here.

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