finally--a break!!

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So sorry I've been MIA with replying to comments and such all week. The past few days have been a whirlwind of finishing up assignments, giving informative speeches, signing up for the spring semester, stress over final projects and feeling like my creative mojo is dissapearing. I only have one class next week though, 'cause all my other classes are on days that school is closed for Thanksgiving break. hehe. I love it!! :D

I have big plans for this weekend through the next. After I get some of my more impending homework tucked away (though I'm pretty much going to just take a break this weekend), I plan on spending my time working on my Christmas cards. Every year I decide I'm going to make some, but run into either lack of funds or lack of time. Well, after stumbling across a 10 sheets for $1 sale of open stock cardstock at A.C. Moore yesterday, I was able to defeat the budget monster. Time won't be an issue this year either because I'm just going to make the time!! I'm still ironing out the design particulars, but it will involve printing or stenciling a design on pieces of cream cardstock (its such a lovely shade of cream too!!). More details (with more pictures!) to be forthcoming...

christmas cards 01
Yesterday while I was at Target (picking up envelopes for the Christmas cards), I stopped to flip through Martha Stewart's Holiday Handmade Gifts magazine. I normally stay away from MS Living (or any of the other publications besides the somewhat more hip and interesting Blueprint), but this little special edition caught my eye with its clean layout (interesting typography!) and cute projects. Alas, with the $7 price tag, I didn't want to indulge and buy it for myself, but if you are inclined towards inspiring pictures and projects (a.k.a. eye candy for creative types), I'd totally recommend picking it up!!

Oh! Before I forget... I went to a concert of a local celtic/folk band earlier this week (rarely does my school host any worthwhile cultural events, but this was an exception!). Scythian is one of the best live celtic bands I've heard in a long time. The entire group is wicked talented and put on quite a show. As I told one of my highly incredulous friends later: "I never though a folk band could rock, but they really rocked those traditional tunes!" As a result, I went around half-deaf the rest of the day too. ;) hehe. Their recordings are pretty good too; I picked up one of their cds after the concert and have enjoyed listening to it. If you're in the DC area, they play at a lot of local pubs and such and would be totally worth going to hear. :)

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