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I woke up in the oddest frame of mind this morning--like there was a fog in my head that I couldn't shake. This can only be chalked up to staying up late watching Batman Begins with my sister (such a long-suffering soul I am... ;). But all through my work-out routine this morning I just didn't feel into it, and then I proceeded to come downstairs to talk to my mom and had a bad case of "dyslexia of speech", as I like to call it. Ugh. I hate when I'm like this!! *bangs head on table* I have consumed massive amounts of caffiene to try to shake this feeling, but it won't go away! :p

That being said, I did get an amazing amount done on my card work yesterday. I decided to go the stencil route, which although not without its hiccups, is working far better than the previously tried "ghetto-version" of screen printing (e.g. muslin with the design blocked out with Modge-Podge). I think unless I had a professional screen print get-up (or a Gocco!) I wouldn't be entirely pleased. But alas, that is life (and further proof I really need to take the printmaking class one semester...). I got all the cream cardstock cut into the right shape, all the colored cardstock folded and ready to have inserts and the cream stock affixed to the front. Now I just have to sit down and do some serious stencilling. :)

I also started work on some little ornaments I cooked up the other day. Simple, easy projects to do while I'm watching a movie. I'm not sure what I'm going to do with these: keep them or give them away. Still, they're loads of fun to make. ;)

star ornaments

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