george the chipmunk (or have I gone mad?)

Meet George:

george the chipmunk 01

George is a chipmunk who just happened to visit us one day. He's very soft and fluffy and likes to be held and stroked. :)

So yes, my plushie adventures continue. Heck--they're easy and quick to whip up! :D George is made from some heavy wool scraps I had lying around. The right side is a smooth weave while the wrong side is more textured; so I used the wrong side. :) His white markings are white wool felt (found at JoAnn's of all places!). I stitched the nose and mouth and added the shiney button eyes. I think my mother was the biggest fan of this little ball of cuteness--she squealed when she saw him! :) So I ended up giving her the little critter. I think she liked that. ;)

Tonight I'm working on another little friend... This one is going to be very quirky and fun! :D

george the chipmunk 02 george the chipmunk 03

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P.S. Thanks for the comments on my previous kitty--you are all so sweet!! &hearts &hearts &hearts

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Kelly said...

This is just adorable!!!