meet miss phoebe...

So much for my vow to stop sewing--we knew it couldn't last, right? I've been needing a smallish project to occupy my hands after homework is done for the day, and lately I've been inspired by all the plushie artists whose blogs I visit regularly. Fiona, Heidi, Hillary and Emily are such creative, fun people whose plushie work inspires me immensely! Now, I don't pretend to be the most imaginative person on the planet, nor have I made a small stuffed toy in ages, but suddenly I just had to try my hand at it!

So, in a couple evenings Miss Phoebe was born:

miss phoebe

Besides the fact that the only suitable fabric for kitty-making on hand was a scrap of black suiting, I think my choice was somehow influenced by the fact that a. my cats are black, b. its October for gosh sakes! ;) This was fun; for the first time in awhile I didn't stress over whether the finished product was 100% perfect or whether this little trifle mattered in the greater scheme of creative things. It amuses me and that's all that counts. :)

The pinafore I made from a scrap of red wool that was leftover from the pirate costume I made my sister last winter. I added some embroidery in plum thread to spice things up a little. Normally, I wouldn't have paired red with purple (although technically they go together, they're just not colors I like paired), but both my sister and I agreed that they were a striking combination! So purple it was...

In a way, I feel somewhat odd--21 years old and making stuffed critters again! But my sister and cute-loving mother are both rather amused and enthusiatic about my venture into plushiedom. Plus, having this little project helped me stay sane while studying and living through midterms. Anything to take my mind off the impending doom of tests is good!

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Anonymous said...

thats so cute! you've inspired me to try it out.I really enjoy your blog,keep it up!