sometimes you just gotta move on

Sorry for the sudden dissapearence from the 'net! I was doing quite well with regular posts for awhile there, wasn't I? Suffice to say, without going into particulars, this past week was certainly interesting. And, according to all my pals, their weeks were just as singular too. Odd... Is there a full moon right now or something?! lol.

Besides the singularity of this week's events, it was an emotional rollar coaster for me. A near meltdown Tuesday over a stupid program that wouldn't work (a mere two hours before the deadline for a project that I was working on). But by the weekend it was the sad and perplexing realization that sewing just can't be a part of my life any longer. Case in point: I spent all of my free moments this past week working on a project. In the end, the usual spectere arose ("Fit") and the project bombed. Casey had a for real meltdown in the kitchen, at 8am, Saturday morning. Over a cup of tea, I think. Needless to say, my wise mother, who had faced a similar juggling of hobbies problem over 15 years ago, counseled me to just give sewing up once and for all. Go cold turkey and break the addiction. And my gosh, it is an addiction--I'm already having withdrawal! But with the semester entering midterms and the fact that I'd much rather be thrifting or hangin' with my chums, means that something has to go. And yes, I said this last year. But this time Mom is determined to see I stick it, for my own sake. Not that I will never pick up a needle and thread or use my machine ('cause sometimes that fab thrift find needs an alteration), but costumes and clothes are a thing of the past. I'm even going so far as to make my sister figure out her own costume for the annual Twelfth Night party. (And mine is already tucked away in the guise of a fabulous 1950s brocade cocktail dress with mink cuffs!)

So, my apologies to those who had friended this journal for sewing posts; I daresay there will be very few of those here now (not that there have been many in the past 14 months...). But, I will continue to post about my feverish interest in fashion and design, and the occasional "crafty" project I whip up (I just cannot deny that I'm a creative person to the core--I'd die without being able to make something!). So feel free to hang around for that!

And so, I hope that this week will be easier to face. Besides the fact that I'm quaking in my boots--er make that leopard print flats--about an upcoming test, I think this week looks brighter. Aside from the pick up of pace, school is starting to settle into its comforting routineness. I'm making new friends, learning new things, renewing old aquantences. The weather is starting to take on a crisp edge and I'm eying the tissue knit jersey turtleneck, black tights and blue pencil skirt in my closet with intentions of wearing them this week. Yes. Life can be good... if I get past the sewing addiction. ;)

Sorry no photos this post!! Hopefully those will resume soon... :)

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