reasons why I hate Mondays

This morning I went to check on the bandwidth/upload usage for my Flickr account, since I noticed I had a lot of hits (over 15,000!) during the weekend on the outfit that Tricia featured on her blog. Well, I managed to fill up my upload capacity for the entire month!! Eeek! This would have not been such a problem if I hadn't already spent this week's allowance on a present for my mother, whose birthday is the week. *sobs* Remind me again why I didn't get a cruddy retail job this summer?! *sigh* Project/private photos aren't a big deal, since I've got my own domain and space, but I won't be able to have automatically resized images or participate in Wardrobe Remix until after next week when I can afford to upgrade my account. And it looks like because of this those shoes I wanted from Naturalizer (and have a 20% coupon for!) won't be in my future either... *cries* I hate Mondays.

I'm hoping that my Flickr photos won't just suddenly dissapear due to the excessive bandwidth usage either... :p

And my mom just told me that my Paul and Joe owl bag that I had ordered from Target right after it debuted on the website isn't coming. They cancelled the order. Looks like time to shoot off an email to Target expressing my annoyance. Sheesh. Can Monday get any worse for me? Umm... yeah and I probably just jinxed myself for saying that. ;)

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jungle dream pagoda said...

I am actually more interested in your OPINIONS on fashions than what you sew up (those were a bonus).