is it halfway through september already?!

Another week over; have I been in school for a month already?! I was shocked and amazed this week when one of my professors mentioned that midterms is just four weeks away. Eeek! I seriously don't feel like we've gotten much done, but then again I never do. ;) lol. I finished that design piece I showed pictures of a few weeks ago and handed it in yesterday. During the critique session I got some good feedback, so hopefully this will result in a good grade... *keeps fingers crossed*

I did something bad, I went shopping again today. Honestly though, I have very few clothes for the fall, especially pieces that are multi-weather (e.g. skirts are my favorite default for just about any weather; wool pants on the other hand one can't wear on a day when it gets up to 70 degrees...). I didn't have as much of a windfall as I did the other day, but the thrift stores did yield a couple vintage pencil skirts. One is a gorgeous high waist, grey wool skirt with welt pockets and pleats in the front. Oooh... I just love the color; sort of a soft, dove-grey. Yummy. :) I also bought a bright blue pencil skirt; standard 1980s pleated front, knee-length. But oh-so "art school student" when paired with a black turtleneck and pumps. I'm eager to wear that one... :D I also accidently ran across a flea market this afternoon as I was driving around. Being the bargain hunter I am, I had to turn around and go check it out! Not a whole lot (or rather, not a whole lot that I was willing to pay for--I was in a sharp, bargain frame of mind today), but I did pick up some cute vintage buttons, a beautiful vintage white bead necklace with a silver clasp, and a few vintage sewing notions. Had the nicest chats with the people there, and got the yummiest chai latte I've ever had. *grin* Overall, a very satisfying day.

I just had another surprise in the form of being featured on Tricia's amazing blog among her picks for Wardrobe Remixers of the week. I'm so amazed; I really don't think my looks are at all interesting; so needless to say I'm very surprised (in a good way, of course!) and flattered!

above: outfits from this past week; I've been really running with the 1940s theme. I wonder if it'll last the season... ;) Click the images for larger views.

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