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I suppose you must all think I spend my life shopping, since I talk about it so much. But I don't (as much as I'd love to); I just happen to have a very light courseload right now (until after midterms), so I tend to end up shopping in my free time. ;) Today, I went to one of my favorite thrift shops with my mom. Now, this is my favorite shop for costume jewelry and old knitting booklets; otherwise the clothing thing just hasn't jivved with me in a long while. I don't know if my luck today with clothing was due to just hitting the store at the right time, or if I have finally wrangled myself into an open frame of mind! :)

Anyhow, I ended up with quite a neat little haul. Two chain necklaces (more gold chains--I own a zillion of varying lengths already!), a high-waist black pencil skirt, a pleated black "school girl" skirt (perfect knee length on me!), a 1960s/70s black cashmere cardigan (also a perfect fit), a 1980s white bolero, vintage white leather gloves, vintage black leather gloves, and a 1950s vintage patent leather handbag. Yes, I am very satisfied today. :) I know it sounds like a lot of black, but that is what I wear most of. Besides, I was inspired by Inside a Black Apple and her themed fall/winter wardrobe. I decided mine was going to draw inspiration from film noir. Lots of black, body-conscious garments and dressy shoes!

But, my luck did not stop there! After the thrift store, we went to get pizza for lunch and I bopped in Ross while we were waiting for our take-out order. After drooling over a pair of patent leather Steve Madden heels and deciding they were just too high (4"--eeek!), I found a pair of Dollhouse leopard print flats. Exactly like what I've been coveting for this fall, but at a much more reasonable price than I was prepared to pay. ;) They look very smart with my black school girl skirt... And jeans... hehe.

Also, a picture of my outfit today (I thought you might enjoy seeing it!). It was rather chilly today, so I decided I needed to wear something a little warmer than usual for mid September. These are my new H&M wide-leg wool pants; I just adore them. I was going for a 1940s look, so I did my hair and makeup accordingly (although my hair was being a bit reluctant to do anything today). Fits into the film noir look, huh? ;)

above:click for a larger view.

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jungle dream pagoda said...

I'm loving your looks,so thoughtfully planned out. I look forward to more of your "musings" on blogspot.