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1930s DuBarry Pattern Once again, I was sorely dissapointed by my local JoAnn's. I had a huge stack of coupons that were good only this weekend, so I trekked over there determined to find something on my list! Firstly, they didn't even have the Vogue pattern (8146) that I am dying to get my hands on. To add insult to injury they didn't have any blue velvet or velveteen either; and there are usually gobs of navy blue on the hangers! *looks annoyed* I wanted the velveteen for a hem of a skirt I want to make. So yes, I am annoyed. This means if I really want that Vogue pattern I have to go all the way to Hancock's. *sigh*

I spent the weekend working on a jumper from the above late 1930s DuBarry pattern. I bought it a few years ago in an antique store for the amazing price of $2! At this point, I can actually fit into this pattern, so I decided to use the last of my "winter" fabric up on making a jumper. I mean, after all, those pinafore style jumpers are very big this year (I've spent far too much time drooling over the ones at Anthropologie!). Mine is a black and white rayon suiting, which may or may not be too drapey--I'm keeping my fingers crossed. :p I made up the bodice and need to work on the skirt eventually...
fashion design doodles
I'm also trying to make a blue wool a-line skirt as well. I used the skirt sloper I drafted over the summer for the pattern and just need to cut it out. I'd really like to find some velveteen to use along the hem though. The velveteen has another purpose beyond looking cute: I don't have quite enough fabric to squeeze the skirt with a hem on! :p So yes, something with texture or shiney would be good. ;) lol.

Aside from all this, I've been plugging away at the homework I've got due this week, which really isn't that much (so depressing to tell people I'm taking 3 art classes--I just don't have a lot of homework until after midterms!). Although I'm feeling strangely ill today, so I may slack off a bit and amuse myself otherwise. Like doing some fashion sketching. Yes, that sounds good. :)

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