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1920s photograph

Labor Day 2006 shall not hold good memories for me. Aside from the JoAnn's frustrations, I seemed to have eaten something that was "off"--to say the least. I blame the latte I had in the morning as I ran my errands. I have consumed countless skim milk lattes without ever encountering a problem, but this one seemed to be destined to cause me much pain and suffering. I hadn't felt this sick in years (since I had the flu at 12). But as I told my sister: if I had to get a touch of food posioning at least it was on a day I didn't have to worry about classes (see! There is a bright side to everything! :).

Somehow though, my grandeous plans for spending the day sketching fell by the wayside, and I just lounged around for a good bit of the day, trying to get over that pesky ickiness! It wasn't until around nine o'clock in the evening that I finally picked up my sketchbook. I was very much inspired by the 1911 fashion scans that Among the Hedgerows uploaded to her site. Such lovely, pretty designs--lots of inspiration for the hungry designer's eye. :) I'll have to post one or two of the sketches later...

Speaking of 1910s fashion: I also got around to scanning and uploading some more 1910s fashion pages from my collection. requested them--I hope they help your research!! :) I've got scans up from 1911 and 1913. I've got a ton more images/photos to scan and eventually upload to my webspace. Eeek!! I somehow don't think I'll ever get all online though... Too many images, too little time!!

above: one of the (many) vintage photographs in my collection. I just love these girl's frocks (1920s) and that they look like they were having fun. Adds personality!

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