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I think I might have finally found a good fit for me. Interior design was too "blah", and a fine arts major appeared too artsy (and didn't guarantee a steady job at the end!). But communication design (graphics design) is proving to be a fine match for my more rigid aesthetic. I spent most of today working on a couple of "sketches" due Thursday for one of my design classes. They're half-scale pieces that use at least 100 lines. One, final piece will be chosen and rendered in black technical pen and India ink. After that, the design will be replicated in Adobe Illustrator. An interesting study in the use of old and new graphic design techniques. As much as I love high-tech programs (like my beloved Paint Shop Pro and my new found Illustrator), there is something so organic and personal about hand drafting. Its so soothing--I find putting on some nice music (I listened to a lot of Neko Case, Keren Ann and a little Lady & Bird; nice, folksy sounds!) and just shutting myself in my room is when I'm very serene and peaceful during the drafting process. Here's hoping that these designs go over well with my teacher Thursday!! :p

Speaking of design, but of a slightly more tactile sort, I ran across an intersting designer via PourPorter. Gary Graham's designs are like something out of a very old photo album (and I'm not saying this having seen the breathtakingly beautiful F/W lookbook--be sure to check that out!). But although the general aesthetic may be a little worn and rough around the edges and the details pulled from another era, the designs are kept contemporary through imaginitive use of symetry and balance. Each outfit in a play on textures and balance--something I find very few designers handle well.

Despite the severe reduction in my free time, I managed to cut out a new dress to sew up. I used the bodice from the black voile dress I made this summer and fused it with the (modified) skirt sloper I drafted. I'm trying to go for something that is similar to the Augustine Pleated Blouse. I've made a few design changes though; only three pleats (I prefer sets of three rather than five, for some reason), a lowered neckline and in a dress rather than blouse. I used some light wool blend I had lying about, so I'm hoping it'll work!! If nothing else, it'll be a good dress to throw over some thick tights and flats to wear to school. (Yeah, and I know I'll look like a total art student... *rolls eyes*)

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