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Today has been such a harried day!! I don't have any Monday classes, but I managed to spend it running back and forth to school and shopping. :p Plus I kept running into old classmates who wanted to chat! :D lol. Not that I object to that though--most of these people I've been hoping to run into again!

Lately fall clothes have very much been on my mind. My parents and I have struck a deal this year since I haven't been working: they pick up the "basics" (jeans, tee shirts, black heels, etc.) if I pick up the "cute-but-not-really-needs" items. My budget is excruciatingly small, but workable. So my first purchases today were to order a cute Paul & Joe bag (just released--I've had my eye on this since I saw it in Teen Vogue in July!!) and a pair of red flats from Target.com. Cute accessories, but definately not needs. They will however add some punch to my neutrals-dominated fall wardrobe. I also got some serious style inspiration from the newest issue of Blueprint magazine (if you haven't checked this magazine out yet, you really should!! I love it!). They have a whole spread on colorful accessories. I can see some of these ideas being translated into my wardrobe (via my favorite cheap, "now" fashion source: H&M). This issue also had some great ideas on using ultra-suede (I'm dying to make the belt!), using buttons to make rings and a shoe guide. Lots of eye candy. :)

I also ran across another great fashion idea via Style Bubble's blog. I've seen this old 40s/50s idea before: turning a cardigan/sweater around so the front is in back. However, she did a great job of showing and offering some ideas to update the look. I instantly thought of a tan cardigan that I bought last year at Express that would be perfect for this use! I ended up modifying the idea a bit; instead of buttoning it up all the way, I just buttoned the first three buttons, layered a black tank top underneath (to cover up the bra strap) and added my vintage Christian Dior belt. It was very cute, lemme tell ya. ;) I found that leaving the top buttons undone not only gave a surprising twist to the look (unique back interest), but made the cardigan take on a more drapey shape--much more in keeping with this season's looser trends. Yay--an updated look for $0! :D

above: a paper silhouette; designed and cut by me. click the image to see a larger description.

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La Foret said...

Hi. I don't know how I ended up on "Elegant Musings", but I'm glad I did. Not only did it enlighten me on some questions concerning historical fashion, but I had fun reading your dress diaries and browsing through the gallery. I particulary like the Springtime Maiden dress, it's so gorgeous. You really are very tallented, so keep up your good job. I will only add, have a nice day. :)