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ganging up on me

The Shoppe has been updated! More goodies to make your life (especially autumn) more whimsical and happy! So hop on over and see what new little bits and pieces are in the Elegant Musings Shoppe!

squirrel outtakes!

Thank you for the sweet well-wishes! I basically pushed myself far too hard Monday and Tuesday; trying to run around and take care of errands and the like. Moral of the story: I still can’t handle long periods of activity (especially when it involves shopping! Oh the deprivation I’m enduring!!). Let’s put it this way: today I feel like I can barely move (and am actually back on the sofa--where I spent 10 days of my life earlier--as I type this) because I have no energy left. I am very thankful though that at least I can still do handwork projects, because I think I would shrivel up and die if I couldn’t! lol.

I’ll be back (hopefully...) with a more exciting post this evening. Right now I think I need a nap! Have a lovely afternoon, all!

cheers & creativity,
    ♥ casey [ email me ]

p.s. Be sure to click on the photos for captions! hehe...


Angie said...

I'm happy to read that you're feeling a bit better - you'll be good as new in no time! I checked out your shopee, and your squirrel pins are adorable!

Marjorie said...

Happy Shop Update to You! :) I do hope you feel better soon.....take a nice nap, or have a cup of tea to relax. : )

Anonymous said...

Those little squirrels are so cute and I love your captions!! Take care of yourself, Casey, and make sure you get lots of rest in between your bouts of creativity! ~ hugs, Lynda ♥