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Thank you all so much for your kind comments about my sketches. I tend to be very private about my drawing and painting, so it was a big step to put some of my artwork--no matter how “technical” it is--for public viewing. Its a lot like open-floor critiques in fine arts classes; it really puts me outside my comfort zone, stretches me to see something through the eyes of another. Getting outside that warm, fuzzy little space is good... it makes you grow as a person.

Which in a way is what I’m attempting to do with my Elegant Musings business. After reading Craft Inc. I realized just where I wanted to take my little shoppe and how I needed to be serious about it. I’ve devoted a great deal of thought and contemplation, research, list-making, and (yes) sketching towards this new-found direction. Its forcing me into areas that I’m unsure about; places I’ve never ventured and therefore don’t feel entirely comfortable. I’m being made to look at my own shortcomings in a lot of ways (fear of lack of control, fear of failure), facing up to those and staring them down. Because I want this to work out that much. Its amazing what you can accomplish when you want something so badly, isn’t it?


In more happy news, I’ve been designing some new packaging for Elegant Musings products, including these little cards for brooches and (shhhh!!! this is a super-secret project that no one must know about!) 1” buttons. I’m also working on similar cards to attach my bracelets to, just to add a little more pizazz when a customer opens up their package! I’m spending a lot of time going through my vintage periodicals and books, searching for decorative borders and elements to use in these. I love working with old-fashioned graphics; there is something I find very familiar and comforting in them... it always makes me want to draw up a stool close to the fire and grab a warm cup of tea!

I struck upon an idea late yesterday evening that I’d like to get your opinion on! I was thinking that I’ve got so many antique and vintage papers in my collection, covering fashion and crafting, that instead of “keeping them to myself” I should share them more often with you here. I’ve already got that in some measure on my website, but I was thinking a weekly feature (possibly on Mondays or Wednesdays... haven’t decided which) to have just a page of illustrations or craft instructions from a vintage source. Just for your inspiration and enjoyment! Would anyone be interested in this, or am I just tilting at windmills? lol.

I hope everyone is having a lovely Thursday and I’ll see you tomorrow with the Friday Inspiration post (lots of good things have been going on online this week!!!)!

cheers & creativity,
    ♥ casey [ email me ]


Anonymous said...

oh yes! Please share, Casey! I would love to have a peek at your collection of vintage papers. I really like the cards you designed.
~ Lynda ♥

Marjorie said...

Yes!! Agreed!! :) Vintage ephemera peeking please! :)

And I adore your beautiful packaging design!!

casey said...

Thank you both for your sweet comments!! I shall be doing the weekly papers post... look for the first installment on Monday! :)