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this is not a machine...

Voila! After a couple hours of cutting, contemplating, rearranging, gluing (and even a couple photo messages to the boy showing him), now I have a notebook that I can’t possibly miss, or get confused with someone else’s! The trick will be hoping that no one decides to swipe it in the course of the semester... lol. I’ll be making a couple of these and putting them in the shoppe in a week or two; they’re the perfect thing for using to add some pizazz to your school notes! (And frankly, much prettier than the regular, boring notebooks!)

knitting is the thing!

handy-dandy paper holder

cheers & creativity,
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p.s. Just wanted to let everyone know that all the vintage patterns in the Curiosity Shoppe now ship free to US residents!!

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Kelly said...

Wow, these are fantastic! Almost enough to make me want to go back to school! (Well, almost.)