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my sunday

It seems like I’m spending every free moment with my new business, trying to invest as much time as I can into making it better; tweaking, refining, rethinking. I’m not complaining at all--I literally thrive on this kind of busyness and the need to really dedicate myself to something like this! Its been so much fun to write listings, analyze why (or not) I’ve sold things, rethink portions of my business strategy... Even my dad is really pleased to see how serious I am about making this work and approaching it as a serious business and not just something I play at!

One of the things that has irked me, is the inability to get really good photographs on cloudy days. It ruins everything when I’ve got stuff to photograph, but the sun is -playing hide-and-seek! So today I finally looked into how to make a light box, something that I’m sure will become quite handy as autumn approaches and the days get a certain gloom about them. While I was looking for tutorials, one of the biggest problems was finding light boxes that were big enough, since my merchandise ranges in size from very small (pins) to largish (plush, handbags...). I finally stumbled across this tutorial on constructing a light box out of 20” x 30” foam board, which is more like the size I need (it’ll be a pain in the butt to store, but oh well!). So while on a shopping trip for new glasses (my 4-year-old Vera Wang frames are biting the dust, despite the fact that I wear contacts 99% of the time), I stopped at Wal-Mart and picked up the supplies.

testing the light box

Here is a quick, test shot of an item, taken inside the light box! I even found a place in the basement on an old table I can leave it set up, with my tripod in place! That makes it so much easier to just go shoot items as I’ve got a few spare minutes here and there (and means less mess spread about the house as I chase sunbeams in various rooms--or outside-- to shoot photos in!). Yay! I love making my life easier. lol.

I’m gearing up for a mini-update tonight with a few items I’ve not listed the likes of before... lets just say they’re perfect for the California-girl in each of us (or maybe it just seems that way since two weeks from now I’ll be in California and have it on the brain!! lol)! Update will be at the usual time: between 6:30pm and 7pm Eastern time.

gearing up

I hope everyone had a lovely weekend; I got to enjoy some refreshingly cool temperatures (after the scorching 100+ degree heat of a couple weeks ago!) this weekend, caught up with my family and my Bloglines feed, and managed to get sucked into the wonderful world of Indiepublic! *sigh* The internet is such a wonderful, wonderful place. hehe.

cheers & creativity,
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p.s. Guess what?! Harold the Whale was featured in an Etsy Treasury! I’m so excited!!
etsy treasury - harold the whale

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