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Whew! This week has been a blur of frenzied activity; getting ready for my trip this weekend, figuring out how to juggle school, buying school supplies... Generally running around like a very harried Casey!

peter pan collar!!

However, amidst this, I managed to eke out some time this morning to work on a project I’ve been dying to do for several weeks. I bought some lovely pea-green knit material a couple weeks ago, and have been concocting up a plan for making a cute frock. Yesterday evening I draped the bodice pattern (because flat pattern drafting + bodices + Casey = lots of frustration. So I drape everything instead to save what little sanity I’ve got left! lol). This morning I refined the pattern on paper, and used Jenny’s amazing Peter Pan Collar tutorial to draft a collar (‘cause every girl needs a little twee in her wardrobe!). I cut it out this afternoon, but I doubt I’ll have time to start sewing before I go away; if nothing else I’ve got a zillion things to do (like, um, start to pack!). lol. How come I always end up biting off more than I can chew every August?!

08.29.07 shoppe update

I updated the shoppe this evening with some lovely vintage pieces, a adorable children’s pj pattern, the collage journal I shared last week, and a new bracelet. Fun!! So go check ‘em out and get ‘em while they’re hot! lol.

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