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Dear readers, I think I must be certifiably insane. What normal, level-headed person would take on a new sewing project just days before she’s set to fly across the country? With visions of taking that new frock with her, no less?

Yep, I “wasted” a couple of hours (I’m sure I could have used to some other, more practical task) sewing late yesterday evening and this morning. Like most first trials of a design, it needs a couple tweaks, but overall I’m pretty happy with it! Its got that 1960s a-line shift thing going on, with a little bit of whimsy with the lace. Just what I was looking for. I made it sleeveless because a.) its still hot outside (and I am headed for southern California, anyway...), and b.) it can be layered over a leotard/tight top during the cooler months (or better yet, paired with a cute cardigan!). Sorry that the only picture I have is just the bodice; I’ll post a full length shot tomorrow when I’ve got a little better light!

As this weekend is Labor Day here in the US, I’m offering a special good Friday (8/31) through Monday (8/3). All US shipping is FREE and international shipping is half price! Just put the code “LBRDYSHPSPCL” in the “comments” section during the Etsy checkout, and don’t pay until I’ve sent you the new invoice. So, this is your chance to scoop up anything you’ve been eyeing in the shoppe and not pay shipping!

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Kelly said...

Simply adorable, and it simply exudes "you." Can't wait to see the full thing!