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vintage button swap - the package!

vintage button swap - the goodies!!

Silly me--I’ve had these pictures on my harddrive for a couple weeks waiting to share them with you!! I particpated in Sally’s vintage button swap last month and the my swap partner, the lovely Joanna, surprised me with a beautiful assortment of vintage buttons and a couple other goodies too! Thank you so much, Joanna!! :) I have to admit, with much shame, that I wasn’t quite as prompt with my package... the beginning of finals fell around the same time as this swap (must remember that next time!!) and life got crazy. But I hope she’s recieved it by now. :) I can’t wait to use some of these goodies in a project!!

To all the mothers out there: wishing you a lovely and happy Mother’s Day tomorrow!!

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MC said...

If you enjoy swapping, you might enjoy http://www.swap-bot.com

You can join existing swaps or create your own kind. I've participated in a few light swaps but now that I've graduated from college (BLATANT PLUG FOR MY ACADEMIC SUCCESS) I have more time to prepare sweet swaps!