winter's sharp winds

trapeze jacket (sneak peek!)

Winter has set in. Its leaving me chilled to the bone, envying all those Australian bloggers who are in the midst of warm weather!! lol. Its been blustery too, which means I’ve had to bundle up!! I recently made something that keeps me nice and cozy, but I’m going to hold off showing you for a couple more days. hehe. But the above is a sneak preview! ;)

pattern trio

One of my first assignments in a design class is to create a series of three geometric-based motifs for a repeating, all-over pattern we’re eventually going to execute in Illustrator. I want to do something fun and whimsical--a bit more “me” than anything I did last semester. I suppose this is due to the fact that I’ve finally gotten serious about university-hunting and have realized I need to get my act together and start putting really good work out to eventually compile a portfolio! Eeek--it makes me queasy just thinking about it! lol. So anyway, back to the patterns: I started playing around in Paint Shop Pro (not as nice as Illustrator, but hey--it works for now!), and came up with one pattern I really liked. I have to say I was inspired quite a bit by the amazing textile designs that Amy recently posted about. This is too fun--addicting possibly. lol.

I hope if you’re like me, in a chilly place, you stay warm and cozy this weekend! (And if not, enjoy the warm weather!) This is how I shall be spending my weekend (besides *coughcough*homework*cough*):
cable bolero 01

‘Till next week, take care!! :)


Grace said...

Looks fun!!! I kind of miss college. Am I a masochist or what?! Also the knitting looks fun. But I don't miss knitting. I do that every day, lol. I am so excited to be getting to know you, C!!!


Jessica said...

I love your reading your blog and would love to discuss some options for you to be apart of my online boutique.

Please e-mail me when you can, Cheers!

connie said...

what fun to create a pattern!

Casey said...

Grace: Hehe. I can see how that is--I missed college terribly when I'm on breaks. lol! Its been fun getting to know you through your blog as well! :)

Connie: Thanks! :)

VDOprincess said...

I love that issue of vogue knitting! What project are you working on? (I haven't started anything; I'm catching up on other things and working up the nerve.)

Jess said...

Nice patterns! I like, very much!