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trapeze top tutorial - preview 01

I want to thank you all for the sweet, encouraging comments you left on my previous post! I apologize for not replying to them sooner; our internet was down for 24 hours and I started school yesterday, so I was a little frazzled! I will be getting back to all your comments later this week. :) School is going well; so far the two classes I’ve had this week are art classes, which just makes my heart sing! One is with my favorite drawing teacher I had last spring and the other is a design class that is dealing solely with color!! Those who know me well know I tend to stick to black and white and rather monochromatic palettes both in my design work and my wardrobe. The professor of this class though has made me so excited to jump right in and learn, absorb and observe color! I have to admit, as she was giving us a mini lecture this morning on the introductory terms and principles of color, I kept thinking of Tricia and her awesome sense of color play. I’m hoping that after this semester I’ll not only have a better appreciation for color and the use of it (which is another interesting point: the teacher isn’t that hung up on “rules and regulations” concerning color--yay!), but be able to perceive it in a deeper sense. I am feeling totally inspired right now... :)

All your sweet comments about my top I posted pictures of brightened my day considerably on Sunday. Thank you! :) I’m so happy that you all liked it! I will be putting together a tutorial for how to make it, variations on the yoke style (just in case people don’t want or can’t find the antique yoke), and ideas for expanding on the basic trapeze top. I started work on it yesterday, making an example to photograph out of some lovely batiste I salvaged from a project I scrapped years ago. Of course, I’m deviating slightly from my previous one. Let’s just say this one will probably will include red rick-rack! Hopefully the complete tutorial will be up in a few weeks. Since school started I won’t be able to just plow through it in a day or two, but hopefully that won’t deter me too much! lol.

trapeze top tutorial - preview 02

Right now I’m feverishly working on a revamp of a very outdated bomber jacket that I picked up at a thrift store several months ago. Its proving to be somewhat of a challenge, but one that I think will be worth it. Converting a bomber jacket to a tent or trapeze (yes, I’m in love with that silhouette right now!) shape is no easy fete! I’m rushing a little to get it done to wear when I go to a party with a friend tonight, so we’ll see if I actually make the deadline. If I do, before and after photos will follow by the end of the week.

*sigh* That's not much of a post, is it? Ugh. I feel like right now after all my creative output, I have lots of odds and ends in varying stages of completion and nothing much to show you. So I will end with that I’ll (hopefully) be back with some goodies to share later this week. Until then, have a lovely week my dears! :)

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Tongue in Cheek Antiques said...

if ever you want antique yokes I can find them! it is doint the rest that stumps me!