a veritable forest!!

pumpkin pie... yumI hope all my friends in the US had a lovely Thanksgiving!! I know I did--quite yummy. Mom outdid herself with the pumpkin pie this year. Not only did it look terribly photogenic (my photograph doesn't do it justice), but it tasted oh-so delicious too! It was the perfect compliment to my grande Americano this afternoon. *grin*

Being wide awake at midnight is not a good thing for my system, as recently evidenced earlier this week (I've been up until 1 or 2am!!). Normally, I'd be falling asleep about then, but it seems that my brain was on creative overload--I just couldn't stop the rush of ideas! This usually happens about once every two months. All types of ideas end up on little scraps of paper, blogged about, or discussed with great berevity with my mother. I really need to get my act together and keep all my notes and doodles in a journal, because I just know one day I'm going to want a specific page of notes and won't be able to find it in one of my many paper stashes. Are all creative people as disjointed and disorganized as I am? Or am I just a freak??

Anyway, after reading an entry over at the lovely Little Birds blog a few days ago on fabric trees, I decided to try to make an ornament version along the same lines (Stephanie has since posted instructions on making her version of the trees here). I have a childhood memory of making cone-shaped trees out of construction paper, but it wasn't until this entry that the memory dislogged itself and was remembered. So I cut a little cone shape out of green felt and stitched it up the back using cross-stitches (which became increasingly unwieldy the closer towards the point I progressed...). I made seven of these little trees, which used all the green felt I had. I then decorated each with some trims and beads from my stash (lots of fun and very addicting to do whilst listening to Christmas music). Voila!! They do need bottoms, but I want red felt which I don't have right now, so that will wait until next week. Comments, thoughts, opinions welcome. I think I'm going to give a few away as gifts. I know I love receiving interesting ornaments for Christmas, so I hope some of my friends will too. ;) I also got some great ideas for further material exploration and embellishment from this Anthropologie photo shoot with similar cone trees. I just love this idea!! :D

christmas tree ornaments 05 christmas tree ornaments 01

I did some work on the Christmas cards yesterday. The plans have changed (again...), and I will be posting more about that over the weekend.

I got quite overzealous with my tree picture-taking this afternoon. See the rest of the photos here.


alexthegirl said...

I LOVE that you used felt! What a wonderful idea that I think I must copy :D

Casey said...

Thank you so much!!! :D You will post pictures if you make felt trees, won't you? I'd love to see other people's interpritations...

Thanks for commenting--I've been enjoying reading through your blog. :)

Mike said...

Great blog. And some great photos too. I'm adding you to my Favorite Blogs over on my blog. Hope you don't mind.

Kristy said...

I love your version of the trees!