happy thanksgiving!

happy thanksgiving!!

I am thankful for...
+ A loving family who has been hugely supportive of me in the last year.
+ Amazing teachers at school--especially the ones who have pushed me to my "limits", and then pushed me further.
+ A dad who makes one yummy Thanksgiving dinner!
+ The ability to fly out to California and spend one week full of new sights and experiences.
+ Pumpkin pie!! :D
+ Starbuck's Americanos and vanilla skim lattes!
+ A bunch of warm, friendly and hugely talented group of online (and offline!) friends. You have enriched my life immeasureably!
+ My friends. R. and K. for making me laugh so hard!! *grin*
+ An amazing year with oppurtunities, heartbreaks, and joys; which have made me into a stronger person.
+ For turning 21! *giggle*
+ My pastor and his wife--they have been a huge blessing in my life!
+ Learning to let go, move on and chalk it up to life experience. ;)
+ Books, film and art; without them my life would be so drab!

What are you thankful for this year?

This is the first Thanksgiving we've ever spent just the four of us. We traditionally have spent it with my dad's father, but that got cancelled. And my mom's mother is sick today, so it will just be mom, dad, my sister and I and a bunch of yummy food!! :D I plan on spending my day reading and watching a movie or two. Have a safe, joyful and delicious Thanksgiving! :)

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