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Thanks everyone for your kind comments about my photography! I haven't had a chance to reply to anyone's comment yet, but I shall later today. ;)
arrr, matey!
It sounds like everyone had a fun Halloween from the looks of my friends page this morning! Alas, I didn't really have a complete costume to wear yesterday, and since I only had one class, I didn't really feel like going to the effort. My Halloween overall, was pretty lack-luster; I didn't even eat any Halloween candy because it just didn't appeal to me this year! (That's been happening lately; I think I've lost my taste for sweets and mediocre pastries. Gourmet chocolates and rich fruit tarts, however, still remain on my "indulgence" list!) My sister, however, decided that she wanted to wear her full pirate costume, stays and all, to all her classes. Believe me, between school and the errands she ran with me, she got a lot of attention! Of course, since I made the costume, I was just drinking all this up; positive reactions to the costume mean it was a sucess! ;) lol. She was happy to have an excuse to pull it out of storage anyway; she hadn't worn the entire outfit since Twelfth Night last January.
I, on the other hand, just wore an "everyday" dress; a thrift-find, I refashioned to update and make it more flattering. Originally, it was the ugliest, high-collar 1980s knit dress, but for $2, I couldn't really pass it up (and I suspected that with a little TLC, it would be a nice addition to my wardrobe)! I spent about 1 hour over the weekend chopping off 5" of the hem, ripping out the back zipper and cutting a new neckline. Voila! New dress that still looks vintage. ;) As I think I've mentioned before, I have an odd penchant for batwing/kimono sleeves, so this dress satisfies my likes, without looking too 1986. ;) I got some pretty positive feedback on this, so I'm very pleased that my redo worked out!!

Now onto some fun: Several blogs I read have recently brought up a new, indie craft and art online magazine called What You Make It. There are two issues online so far, and I'm very much a fan already! I just love all the interviews with craftspeople and artists. The current issue also has a handy-dandy guide for gift shopping at online indie boutiques, which I found not only helpful for ideas for others, but also myself. *grin* So if you haven't already, go check What You Make It out!!

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