I can't believe its already the end of October--I feel like I just started the semester! I just love this time of year: the colorful leaves, clear blue skies, brisk winds and chilly (but not frigid) weather. Last week I got out of one of my classes very early, so I decided to go to a nearby town to take some photos of the older buildings since I've been meaning to do that. The weather was so gorgeous and the sunlight so perfect I was just in awe of how well all my photographs came out! Unfortunately, I didn't shoot as much as I wanted, due to wearing 3.5" heels and tottering around on uneven concrete. Yeah... Ouch. :p Here are a few of my favorite shots:

blank blazing fire

I'm hoping to eventually take a photography class next school year(school isn't offering any courses in the spring semester--pooh!). I really don't know a whole lot about photography, only a little about composistion. I'd like to be more artistic and break free of my more rigid, amatuer style. Plus, I have two cameras of my own and three that were my grandfather's (some dating back to the 1940s). Including a lovely, big 35mm with all kinds of different pieces of equipment to use with it. So yeah, I've got some great equipment--just need to learn how to use it properly! My dream is to one day be able to take photos to use in my own graphic work, or even to exhibit. But I doubt that'll be any time in the near future. ;)

I've also been reading a tremendous amount lately, and have run out of reading material that catches my interest. So for fun, tell me the three book titles you recommend; fiction or non-fiction. I'm dying for something that keeps my attention! ;)

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