fantastic fridays

the loot - 1 (11-2-06)

The weather was gorgeous this morning when I got up. Crisp, incrediably sunny and the colorful trees were just beckoning me to go driving somewhere! I ended up taking my little car and striking out towards my favorite thrift shops (hmm... its seems every other post is about thrifting; I think we can safely say I'm addicted). Pickings were very slim today, but I managed to find a few neat things at my first stop. Why I keep buying sewing patterns when I'm not supposed to be sewing I'll never know. Mostly because I think one day I'll get back to sewing and I do like the graphics on older patterns. I scored with a Betsey Johnson pattern from the 1970s for just $0.25!! Yay! :) If (and this is a very big if) I have the time/am so inclined over winter break, I might try to whip up the shorter Betsey Johnson pinafore pattern. Would look marvelous with one of my beloved thin-knit turtlenecks and black tights. ;)

I also wandered around and this building caught my eye:

the prowling photographer - take 1 the prowling photographer - take 2

I don't think I caught the beauty well enough. I really need to just go investigate some of these older towns when I'm in the mood to be really artsy-fartsy and get some good pictures! Perhaps take my Polaroid along too... Hmm... I think this calls for an outing with my sister to help haul all the camera junk. ;) lol.

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