excuse me, your type geek is showing...

My Typography class this semester has instilled in me a new awareness and appreciation for letterforms. Though textual design interested me before, now that I am more informed about standard typographical design I am more aware of the subtleties that are involved in any text based design. In other words, I find myself noticing everywhere designs that work, are fresh, don't work or are artistic. In doing some research for a short essay for my type class, I ran across some interesting links that reach more into the creative realm of typography. Those who appreciate visual art, whether conventional or not, will no doubt enjoy these.

Kinetic Typography - Animated type and how it conveys emotion or mood through the subtle or flamboyant manipulation of letterforms. Check out the "Sky" and "Fight Club" animations. Both use text differently; one relies on music alone to help convey the meaning, the other on a narrator.

Exploring Found Typography - A project documenting letterforms in unconventional places. I'm eager to try this myself in an effort to broaden my visual awareness and perception.

Experiements in Printshop - an online exhibit of the work of Alma in the Bauhaus printshop in the late 1920s. I love this simple, but chaotic style. Relavent and edgey even over 70 years later.

I feel my ideas renewed and ready for the next assignment in Typography class! :)

image created by me using a fashion photograph (don't remember where I got it) and Arial Black.

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