Please excuse my terrible lack of posts lately; between school and some personal stuff I just haven't been in a frame of mind to blog fashion related thoughts.

I made a valiant stab at really dressing up each and every day for a few weeks and then the weather turned against me. One day it would be bright, sunny and woefully warm and the next it was raining and cold. Until the schizophrenic weather decides to stabalize and be consistantly cool, I've reverted to wearing a lot of jeans. Actually, I only have one pair that I wear: my "emergency" Charlotte Russe jeans bought San Diego. I'm rather bored with them, aside from the fact that my muscular thighs look that much bigger in the tight fabric. Eek! Jeans have never been a huge favorite of mine, but they are so darn pratical. ;)

A few weeks ago during New York Fashion week, Kate Moss was spotted wearing a "new" style of jeans: high rise with a relaxed fit through the thighs and a slight flare. Much more chic than the older, low rise flares that we've been decrying for nigh a decade. Now, I must insert a caveat that I normally do not follow what La Moss wears very closely; I try not to follow what any celebrity wears because I don't want to consciously become part of the celeb-worshipping culture. But this particular pair of jeans caught my eyes as something new and fresh, much more suited to the average woman. They resemble very closely the "boyfriend" jean that has been kicked around for a few seasons; something that is very similar to the carpenter jeans I loved and wore to death circa 1997. ;)

Presently, the only style of boyfriend jeans available to the masses at reasonable prices are still of the low rise variety. However, one can hope--nay count on--once that La Moss has worn something in about 4-6 months it will show up in the mass merchandisers for the rest of us to afford. Until then, I've heard one solution is men's Levi's 501s, something I will have to investigate, despite my recent aversion to how cheaply I find Levis to be made. Another solution is the old second hand shop; I've not spotted a lot of these types of cuts, but I'm sure they exist among all the bespangled and atrociously low-cut Bebe and Mudd flares...

My mother also brought to my attention the wide range of jeans styles, fits and lengths that Lands End (of all places!) offers. Because I've literally exhausted all the under $70 sources at the mall for jeans, I'm ordering a pair of the Premium Trouser jean and "No Waist" Waistband jean (a unique idea; the waistband is cut in one piece with the jeans, thus reducing the bulk of a traditional denim waistband). I will offer my thoughts and critiques on these once I get them. :)

Aside from this recent obsession to find a looser, more chic pair of jeans, I've also been studying how others put together outfits with jeans. After all, one does not have to look like a she just rolled out of bed or a hooker to wear jeans! One of my never-ending sources of streetstyle inspiration, The Satorialist has been blogging some excellent examples from outside the various fashion weeks around the globe at Style.com. So far the women of Paris are hte most adept (IMHO) at putting an outfit together around jeans without looking too sexy or dumpy. They look femenine, chic and cool, with just a slight sensual edge that becomes any woman. Yet if you dissect their outfits, they are quite simple, easy for the rest of us to emulate!

image credits: Denimonology (Kate Moss), Stockholm Street Style, The Satorialist and The Satorialist @ Style.com (street style).

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